Shane Allen

Shane Allen

Long story short....

An Artist Collab Label founded by Shane Allen and Luke Longworth. 

Beginning humbly and organically on the other side of the pond in Whistler, Canada, Shane and Luke have now reunited back in the motherland Byron Bay, Australia. Since returning, they have been working countless hours to develop the vision behind the idea of ‘Shakey Bones’. Throwing, screaming and spilling beers over different ideas to separate Shakey Bones from other brands, they came to the conclusion that the vision is to build this project in the name of art itself. They owe their lives to art and creativity and would like to convey this concept through Shakey Bones.

Luke Longworth

Luke Longworth

The Healthy Minds Club


Shakey Bones mission in this lifetime is to help raise awareness for mental health. Particularly with our generation and those to come, social media is taking over lives and for some, becoming a fight for our acceptance among others, chasing likes and followers to feel somewhat whole. We strongly feel that an active lifestyle matched with creative practices, and a healthy diet, can dramatically enhance our wellbeing. This is why we formed The Healthy Minds Club. To encourage a healthy mind for a brighter future.

1% of all Shakey Bones profits are donated to which is a National Mental Health Foundation.


The quarterly held exhibition ‘Creative Minds Collide’ was created by Shane and Luke to provide a platform for underground local artists to convey their work in the public eye; something they may have never thought to be a reality – We only wish we could have had an opportunity like this back when we were starting out! We envisage bringing artists into the limelight, giving them the chance to branch out to other artists, discuss and collaborate.